Christmas OranmentEZ

  The Christmas OrnamentEZ kit will help you build five
different heirloom quality ornaments.

  Purchase a Christmas OrnamentEZ kit
and receive a free $20 HeartEZ kit!!!


AmbersBear & Santa Hat

  For a limited time if you purchase an AmbersBear kit
you’ll also receive a Santa Hat accessory kit.

  This is the kit we’re using to build our Festival of Trees
wreath banner.


Learn to Build an Inlay using the HeartEZ Kit

  The templates of the past made building inlays harder than it should have been. The HeartEZ kit will show you how the EZInlays system has made it EZ to consistently build an inlay of any type


Purchase a Kit

  We have a variety of kits and sizes allow you to explore your creativity. AmbersBear (7.25″ tall by 6.5″ wide) is fun, DevilEyezed (5.75″X4.25″) is a bit more sinister, and nothing is more romantic than RoseBud (5.5″X4.5″).


Festival of Trees

  Last year we built our first wreath for the Festival of Trees in Boise. This year we’re doing it again but with one difference.

   This year we are going to earn a ribbon for our wreath!!!