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HeartEZ: The Perfect Introductory Inlay Kit

   At $19.99, HeartEZ is the perfect low cost introductory inlay kit!  With HeartEZ you

practice cutting sharp points, gentle curves, flat spots, and corners.  All the cuts you'll

ever need to make for any inlay.


   In an hour you’ll have cut two "voids", three “inlays” and assembled them into a

great gift for that special someone!  Between this video and the Build an Inlay section

of this website you'll be able to master all the techniques required to build any inlay.


   Now you possess all the inlay building skills required to quickly, easily, and safely build everything from necklace pendants, to coasters, to Christmas ornaments, to an image that honors the Rainbow Trout of Yellowstone Lake!  How will you explore your creativity???

Built using the HeartEZ kit

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