Decorative inlays inlay kits

The Cards Coaster Center Inlay Template     $20

Made with the Crafters inlay kit using Cards Coaster Centers

Cards Coaster Center Template: $20

Shipping:    $7.50


  With the Crafters kit and the Cards Coaster Center kit you can build a set of coasters with the suits of a deck of cards.


The Crafters kit and the Cards kit share alignment marks so you can perfectly center your design without any measuring!

Select the Materials

For this build Yellow Heart was selected as the base material and Brazilian Cherry was selected as the Inlay material.


Using the CardEZ template draw the shapes on the Inlay material so you can maximize the use of it.  Alignment marks are not relevant for cutting out these inlays.


After selecting the materials prepare them by affixing them to a backing material.  See the Prepare Materials tutorial for more information.

Cut Out the Inlays

Using the CardEZ template cut out the inlays using the Cutting Inlays Procedure.

Make Alignment Marks

Using the CrafterEZ template, draw the alignment marks and outline the coaster on the Base material. After notching where the alignment marks will go use the edge of the template to connect the marks making a big plus on the middle of the coaster outline.  Use this"plus" to position the CardEZ template and draw the outline of the shape going into each coaster.

Cut Out the Voids

Using double sided tape, affix the CardEZ template on the base material and cut out each void using the Cutting Voids procedure.

Assemble the Inlays Into the Voids

Assemble each inlay into its respective void.  Some sanding may be required to get a good fit.

Cut Out the Coasters Like an Inlay

Using the Alignment Marks, tape the CrafterEZ template into place over each assembled inlay.  Then cut out the coaster using the Cutting Inlays procedure.

All Coasters Cut

After cutting the coasters remove the scrap base material.  Leaving the coasters affixed to the backing material makes it easier to sand the top of the coasters.

Finish the Coasters

Sand and finish the coasters using the Fit and Finish procedures.  We recommend using several coats of some type of poly urethane coating with UV protection on your coasters.  The poly coating will help protect the coasters while the UV protection will help the woods maintain their color.   All woods tend to change color over time, UV protection drastically slows this process down.