Decorative inlays inlay kits

The Idaho Coaster Center Inlay Template

The CrafterEZ inlay kit Used With the Idaho Inlay Kit

Cupcake Template: $14.99

Shipping:    $7.50


  With the CrafterEZ kit and the Idaho Center kit you can build a coaster with the State of Idaho in the center.


The CrafterEZ and Idaho kit share alignment marks so you can perfectly center your design without any measuring!

Select the Materials

No idea what type of wood is used for the base material of the Idaho coaster.  This wood, along with several other slabs of wood was passed down to me from my Grandfather.  When finished, though, it has an awesome golden color that I just love!  For the shape of Idaho I chose Purple Heart to provide good contrast.


Using the CrafterEZ template draw the outline  of the coaster and the alignment marks on the base material.  Then using the alignment marks and the Idaho template the shape of Idaho was drawn on the base material too.  The Idaho template has two different sizes.  The large outline, pattern 2, was used for this build.


After selecting and marking the materials, prepare them by affixing them to a backing material.  See the Prepare Materials tutorial for more information.

Cut Out the Inlay

Using the Idaho template cut out the inlay using the Cutting Inlays Procedure.  Alignment marks are not needed to cut out this inlay.


If you look closely at the inlay you'll notice the edge of the Purple Heart board is showing.  We can get away with this gap because the width of the router bit coupled with the bushing makes the cut line 7/32" away from the side of the template wall.

Cut Out the Idaho Void

Align the Idaho template, pattern L2, to the Base material using the alignment marks. Using double sided tape, affix the template to the base material and cut out the void using the Cutting Voids procedure.

Assemble the Body into the Void

Assemble the Idaho inlay into the void using the Fit portion of the Fit and Finish procedure.

Cut Out the Coaster


Align the CrafterEZ template,  pattern L2, to the Base Material using the alignment marks. Using double sided tape, affix the  template to the base material and cut out the coaster using the Cutting Inlays procedure.

Sand and and Apply Finish

Sand and finish the coasters using the Fit and Finish procedures.  We recommend using several coats of some type of poly urethane coating with UV protection on your coasters.  The poly coating will help protect the coasters while the UV protection will help the woods maintain their color.   All woods tend to change color over time, UV protection drastically slows this process down.