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How Router Based Inlays Work

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How It Works

  Building an image in wood has never been easier thanks to an existing woodworking skill called Router Based Inlays. When equipped with a brass inlay kit, a plunge router acts like a hand-held CNC machine.

  In this video we explain how the brass inlay kit does it's magic and how templates provided by EZInlays makes it possible for you to create amazing works of art.

Detailed Instructions

Sand Shading

  Did you know you can use hot sand to slightly discolor your inlay pieces?  Click here to see how this simple technique can add shadowing to your build.
Sand Shading

Using Epoxy

  Epoxy filled with glitter and other color enhancers can greatly enhance the appearance of your build.  Click here to see the possibilities epoxy can add.
Epoxy Picture
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