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  Here you will find Santa, Rudolph, Snoopy, and other decorations.


  Here you'll find Dice Towers, Cutting Boards, and Turned Lidded Boxes.
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My Work

  I have a dream. My dream is to teach one million people how to craft with wood. If I'm going to achieve that dream I need to practice my craft and refine my techniques for building cool looking stuff. To that end I take extensive steps to ensure every item listed here meets my standard of excellence. Not all items are 100% perfect, afterall they're made from wood. But I do guarantee that if you do discover a feature it will be small, insignificant, and difficult to see.

  I take pride in my work and it's reflected with the items I build. I like to use exotic woods for all my projects. I'm a huge fan of the hearts, you know.... purple, red and yellow heart. You'll also see a bunch of walnut, maple, and a very rare bit of lumber that was taken from an old growth redwood that was cut down in the late 1800's.

  So please, take a look at my work and if you feel like supporting a man and his dream please purchase something! Oh.... check back often as I'll be adding new items as the final coat of finish dries.

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